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Unique innovation by Zetor
The tractor gets adjusted to terrain conditions automatically!
Zetor has introduced a unique technological innovation making the job of all farmers easier. HitchTronic is a new function which automatically regulates the rear three-point hitch so that the tractor gets adjusted to the terrain without the necessity of the operator to control it. This makes the operator’s work much easier. It shall be appreciated not only by novices to the job but by experienced tractor drivers as well.
Brno, 9. 12. 2011


Zetor won a gold medal for its unique HitchTronic function at an international trade fair in Poland

Zetor was awarded a gold medal for its new automatic HitchTronic rear three-point suspension control at this year ' s Agrotech, the largest spring agricultural technology fair in Poland. Poland is a key market for Zetor, taking more than half of its production.
Brno, 30 March, 2012