Zetor 2014 için 3 bin adet paslanmaz/aşınmaz kabin (anti-corrosion) şasesi için 35 yıllık Macar/KAM firmasıyla anlaştı...


Zetor with a new anti-corrosion cab frame
Brno, 20 February, 2014: The Zetor brand has always made product quality a top priority. One of the key tractor components – the cab – will now come equipped with a frame by Zetor’s new business partner, Agrikon KAM of Hungary. ZETOR TRACTORS concluded a contract with this experienced Hungarian producer for 3,000 units of cab frames for 2014. The main criteria in selection of a new supplier included increased cab frame corrosion resistance and welding and surface treatment quality. Production of the new cab frames was begun in February, 2014.

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